which scenario might indicate a reportable insider threat?

which scenario might indicate a reportable insider threat?

which scenario might indicate a reportable insider threat?

Which scenario might indicate a reportable insider threat? An insider threat is a security risk from individuals within an organization, such as employees, contractors, business associates, etc. who have insider information to damage the organization’s security practices, data, computer systems, etc. Not all insider behavior is malicious or reportable, but certain scenarios may indicate a potential insider threat that should be reported and investigated by this type of person. Here are some scenarios that might indicate a reportable insider threat:

1. Data Exfiltration

The employer transfers sensitive Data to external devices or cloud storage without a legitimate business reason. He doing Unusual activity copying, transferring, or downloading of large amounts of sensitive data.

2. Changes in Work Behavior

The employer’s Sudden or unexplained changes in work patterns, such as working odd hours or accessing systems during non-working hours. Frequent use of removable storage devices is unusual for the individual’s role.

3. Financial Issues

Sudden financial difficulties or lifestyle changes may indicate the individual is motivated by financial gain. Unexplained wealth that cannot be accounted for through legitimate means.

4. Social Engineering or Manipulation

Falling victim to phishing attacks or social engineering attempts that could compromise sensitive information. Being coerced or manipulated by external entities to perform malicious actions.

5. Employee’s Departure

This doing Suspicious activities by employees who are resigning, being terminated, or otherwise leaving the organization.


which scenario might indicate a reportable insider threat?Our important to note that these indicators do not confirm malicious intent, but they should prompt further investigation. Your Organization should have a comprehensive insider threat detection and response program in place to identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks posed by insiders.

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